Introducing To You The Best Craftsman Ratcheting Tool Sets Money Can Buy

Craftsman history goes way back to 1927 when it was acquired by Sears and quickly became the real American brand for hand tools and power tools. We’d like to pay homage to the great factory by introducing new people to its best sets. So strap on for a tour in the paradise of the DIY off the grid mechanics with the best Craftsman Ratcheting Tool Sets money can buy!

Craftsman Ratcheting Wrench Set

Craftsman 20 Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set


We always start the tour by showing you the biggest, largest, most classic set. Here’s twenty pieces, both SAE and Metric, of normal-looking wrench ranging from ¼ to ¾” and 6 to 18 mm, so you can fill your new garage or upgrade from no-name brands to real reliable tool for working in any space conditions.


Craftsman 7 Piece Elbow Ratcheting Wrench Set


This set features a sweet elbow turn for wrenches, making usually painful tasks as easy as if there were no obstacles, and in fact it can do almost anything. The piston locking the wrench in position can be imperfect at times, though, so take care of that when you buy this set.

Craftsman 7-piece Universal Ratcheting Wrench Set


Meant to be good looking other than functional, the Universal set has black oxide grip, showing the brand name well in the center, for the ones that like to advertise the tools they have bought to strangers that would ask silly question otherwise. It is not called Universal because of that, but because its ability to grip on six different types of nuts and bolts. The little space-saver, how adorable.


Craftsman 9-43376 Offset Ratchet Metric Wrench Set


This 5 piece metric set, every piece with 12 point offset openings, is perfect if you have the same SAE version and need to make your toolbox more capable while keeping its standard look. It is possibly the best set you can give to a partner who’s missing those. You know that they are solid and can withstand high degrees of torque. Why? Because they’re Craftsman tools, that’s why.


Craftsman 7 pc. Reversible/Ratcheting Screwdriver Bit Wrench Set


The little space saver was the Universal set, but this is its bigger (smaller?) brother. Anybody knows that the handiest tools are the universal basis with the good and proper bits to attach on it. They can be in a kitchen drawer whereas the full wrenches would take half of a garage wall. Every single bit locks in wonderfully.


Like any other product from Craftsman, they are guaranteed for life and beyond. Which is the way a company says “we think it’s impossible to break”. You can always take that as a challenge and try. I’m sure there’s a Youtube video around that tries that. Go look!


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