The 5 Best Ratcheting Wrenches Set You Can Get From Gearwrench

Gearwrench has patented its system of five-degrees ratcheting wrenches in 1996, and that made them a mechanic’s favorite since then. Their wrenches have the ability to turn in the most narrow space, and they have a good overall quality.

If you will, let us make you a quick tour of their sets, so you can start anew with a quality all-purpose ratcheting wrench set.

Gearwrench Ratcheting Wrench Set

GearWrench 20-Piece Ratcheting Wrench Set, SAE and Metric # 35720


This set is the most classic, usual looking set, showing all the quality that regular Gearwrench items tend to show. You can put a 375-lbs person standing on it and they won’t bend, they’ll withstand a torque of 75 lbs without breaking a sweat, or a metallic, lifeless version of “breaking a sweat” anyway. This set is the most complete, holding both SAE ¼ to ¾ and metric 6 to 18 mm. It just doesn’t come with a case of its own, so you should have one or make one to keep them. They withstand any kind of abuse, though, so you can leave them hanging in the rain, as long as nobody thinks of stealing them for you.


GearWrench 85200 13 Piece SAE QuadBox Set (2 Ratcheting Wrenches and 10 Bits and Adapter)


This is the most compact set of the lot. It features only 2 ratcheting wrenches to which you can attach the various bits. Saves an enormous amount of size in your toolbox (which you are going to need, because the purchase does not provide you with one) and you can as usually beat it as hard as you wont and it won’t fall down on you. The weakest part of this wrenches are their switches meant to turn the wrench rotation, so reasonably watch out for those, as you’ve got only two of them.


GearWrench 85897 X-Beam Ratcheting SAE Wrench Set (8-Piece)


The X-Beam is another Gearwrench exclusively patented system. In short, one end of the set is “bended” so the other end looks 90 degrees off. When you see it action you’re going to understand why. The shape gives you the possibility to hold on way better than you would normally, so your fingers will have to make less of an effort for doing the job. This forged helix design goes away at as little as 40 $ so just go for them.


GearWrench 9570 7 Piece SAE Stubby Flex-Head Combination Ratcheting Wrench


This combination set has a 180 flex head on one side, which is its selling characteristic. Plus, they’re very short, making them the tiniest ones of the family. On the official website they come to as much as  214.90 $ but deals that gives this away for half the price and less can be easily found.


GearWrench 85299 5 Piece Metric Reversible S-shaped Double Box Ratcheting Wrench Set


Lastly, the S-Shaped members of the GearWrench family. Why would you need S-Shaped wrenches, you say? You probably have always worked in large spaces if you are still wondering.


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